The Tragedy of Man

UnbenanntAdam, Eve, Lucifer, the gang is full!

It is from 1862, but has plenty of universal truths!

It is a best creation sotry, ever, consits of 15 scceens. What I dind`t know that his wife cheated on him whihc gave him a base for Eva`s character. Well, a bit biased, but he can do that.


The Raging Moon

UnbenanntSad is not the right term, hearth-breaking sad is closer

Nowadays, in 2017 “Me before you” is the sad love story about disable protagonist. The Raging Moon is a much older story written in 1964 by a young novelist who was paralyzed at age of 18 and died at age of 33.

Bruce is a 24-year -old easygoing guy who likes girl, soccer and life. His life completely changed when he got a degenerative disease put him in a wheelchair.  He thinks that the Family should Forget about him forever since is disabled. He moves to an institute where other immobile people are taken care of by nurses. He is always against the rules and express all his bitter opinion without any filter. What he did not expect to meet a 31-year-old girl who is also in the wheelchair due to a polio. Jill is coming form a rich family and annoyed by Bruce, but as the time goes they have fun with eachother and get closer and closer. Jill leaves the institue to marry her fiance, but relaize who is her true love returnes to the insitiute.

Bruce tottaly in love with Jil and want to be with her forever. He decide to propse her with a ruby gemstone ring . The stone is so red like the Moon before a terrible storm. Red, blood red… not a good sign at all…

You want read a unforgattable story and cry for days? Start with page 1 and good luck!


Twilight saga

UnbenanntEdward, Edward, Edward…..Edward.

You can criticise the series, but admit that you liked it as everybody. The movie is  A bit lame, but as usual book Version has it charm sucking you in the life of vampires and werewolf etc. Some says that it is a forerunner of Mr. Fifty. What the daughters were reading before now the mothers are reading.

The Story in nutshell; Bella moves to her father to Forks, small village. In the high School she meets a ca. 150 year old Vampire, looks -like -17 (I wish the same)- Edward. The guy wants to eat her, but decides to fall in love with her and torture himself with the unfulfilled love. Bella, as a normal teenage girl falls in love with the bad guy, in this case a vampire (almost like a rock star). They both confess that they love each other, only Problem a “wild” Vampire who wants to eat Bella (HAHAH sorry….). Edward saves her but realizes a danger what he means for Bella, therefore he disappears. During this time Bella (who is total depressed) makes a closer friendship with Jacob, who is a werewolf, belive it or not. Bella start liking extreme sports and Edward saw her jumping from a cliff through a vision of his sister who sees the future (nevermind..complicated family..). Edward comes back and manages to avoid to get killed by Volturin.

In the third book, Bella doens´t wanna give up the friendship with Jacob, however he still in love with her (ahh so hard when a man`s doughter is so popular among Boys). From nowhere another Vampire pops up wants to kill Bella as usual (like they would get paid for this), therefore Edward, Bella and Jacob (“threesome” could be a new Fifty shades) goes to a forest to hide while other are having a battle. Bella kisses Jacob and tells him going to get married with Edward (why the blood the kiss was for…Harry potter has more moral). Anyways, last part Edward and Bella gets married and goes to some Island for honeymoon, where Bella suddenly finds herself pregnant not having an idea how could that happen (not the smartest girl). Edward wants to get rid of a kid, since he think it is killing Bella. Small remark here, the kid starts killing the parents after they get born not before.

Bella is almost dying during the birth, but Edward bites her so she turns to be a vampire too. Jacob fall in love with the daughter and the threesome problem is solved. Now they have only a Voltuin problem left, who want to slaughter the whole Cullen family. Some other vampire with special X-man talent joins to the family to fight against the Italian gang. At the end there is an imaginary battle, where everybody dies, but since it is imagined nobody dies but lives happily ever after.

Long story short, Edward is cute with his high moral standards, romantic gentleman style, self-toururing attitude and diamond shiny chest.



Getting things done

UnbenanntAz időnek egyetlen oka van: minden nem történhet egyszerre.” (Albert Einstein)Never too late to organize yourself!

David Allen is not selling magic and will not Change your life from one day to another. However, if you are motivated to be more efficient and be better organized, he definitely gives some good tip.

The most important thing, you have to decide to get control of the generall chaos. This means that possible you need to change your routine. Routine means; Problem happens/usual daily life (you can call it however you want), you have time pressure of course, lack of resource, wasting time on panicking, running around like a headless chicken and at the very end you solve the issue somehow. And you feel like a hero that you get something done.

The other way would be; first of all, you out your butt and plan your life. If you are not willing to plan go and wast your time on Fidget spinner…

Try to put your thoughts, todo`s etc on a paper. Give them priority, deadline and stop wasting your energy thinking on them. Allan says if you cannot solve a problem don`t think about it and come back when you can.

I don´t say it is easy, not to jump on a problem but take time to think it. With practice it will be more and more as a natural approach.

Let´s organize yourself, it definitely worth!


Timothy Ferriss szerint; „Az időhiány valójában a fontossági sorrend hiánya.”

Az időnek egyetlen oka van: minden nem történhet egyszerre.” (Albert Einstein)


Princess and the Pea

She is a lady, Whoa, whoa, whoa. She is a lady

Capture.JPGThe fairy tale is one of Andersen`s most remarkable creation, my personal favorite.

In a far kingdom a handsome prince wants to find a wife, but unfortunately nobody meets his expectation of being enough princess like.

In the other far kingdom, a princess of XY king went for a walk in the forest and get lost in the middle of a rainy night. After a while, the princess ended up exactly at the door of the handsome prince and knocked on it.

The mother-in-law candidate greeted her and after listening a story that she is a princess wanted to test her. Very sneaky… mother-in-laws..

Mother put a pea under 20 mattresses thinking that a real princess would notice that one tinny little pea under a lot of fluffy mattresses. At the morning, mother asked the princess how did she sleep. The princess said that she had a terrible night because something bruised her back. Yes, yes, she passes the test, it wasn`t a GMAT but still…She showed her blue and green injuries – because of a 2 cm big pea!!- to mum who was thrilled to finally find a real princess to her prince son.

Belive it or not, the prince and the a princess got married and lived happily ever after without any moral learning. It is fine to listen somethimes a story without any huge conclusion.

I used to also feel all tissues, sleeping socks poking my back, maybe I am also a true princess…





Bridgit Jones’ diary

Bridget, the “anti – Janeausten heroin

Capture.JPGMy general opinion is that book gives you more taste to the story than any movie version. Certainly, not in this case, because the movie is much  chiselled than the book itself.  In the movie, Renee is playing Bridget on the way that I don`t want to scream; how can a woman be so stupid! This is definitely not feminist!

I don`t like that Bridget is

  • not strong nor persistent at all
  • having an unhealthy life style on many levels
  • thinking ONLY about herself
  • hyper self-sufficient, but not improving herself
  • thinks that she is a feminist just because she has a job, but doing shit at work

I very much like that Bridget is

  • not judging others by how they are
  • not being mean to others
  • nice child, still keeps the contact with the unbearable mother
  • optimistic, especially with cooking
  • not taking herself serious and having self-criticism

Overall, I like much better Bridget in the movie. Renee seems funnier, putting effort and being more in charge of her own life.  She is a silly but pointful “singleton” who wants to find love. I would recommend her moving to New York to meet the Sex and the City girls and look for love together.

On the hand, in the book she was just a damaged girl – abused by a frustrating, unreliable, careless mother – who thinks that she is a feminist, because she has a full time job. Sister, my gramma had a full time job in 1970 next to her family… Was she a feminist? I don´t think so. … Anyhow, the fact is that  Bridget desire is an own family.

Three best parts of the book are when Bridget is watching Colin Firth on BBC playing Darcy`s role in the Pride and Prejudice TV series. The second one, when Bridgit`s new boss is questioning how Hugh Grant could cheat on Elisabeth Hurley with a prostitute. And the last one is the following part from the book: “What you have to do is be a heroine and stay brave, without sinking into drink or self-pity and everything will be OK. And that all the Greek myths and many successful movies are all about human beings facing difficult trials and not being wimps but holding hard and thus coming Out on top.”

Woman and man should stop being worrying bout their role/place/part in the society/family/ just be a human without any compulsory role and focus on their strange and try to their best.