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Beneath this man

The sequel of a crazy couple

Capture728 (sevenhundredtwentyeght!!) pages for a story what can be summarized in max 60 pages. In the meantime, I lost my interest in books and also need a break for using my eyes for reading. Let`s see if I remember anything about the core story.

After Ava discovered that Jess has a swinger club and not a hotel (and she is brown-hair in the book…blonde would fit better), she breaks up with him. Poor Jess to mitigate his pain drinks himself to half-coma (shows how adult is he with his 37 year)s. Of course Ava goes back to him and after a bit of torture she moves to Jess too.  As Jess has a shit lot of money buys her a diamond necklace for 60.000 £ and a hell of cloths, she doesn`t give much shit about, but she needs to wear something pretty on an event in the club (what she said she will never ever ever will go close to that place (new brain science: diamond can cancel memory). During this event this shy girl get to see the social room where everybody is with everybody, bounding, kicking, licking, whipping, spreading etc.. Now it comes a bit of black hole as I cannot recall the story here, only thing I remember that it was chaotic. Next I remember, Jesse puts a handcuff on Ava, jerk on her, finished in her mount what she had to swallow and proposed her within 10 min..Charming…Everygirl`s dream. Yes, she said yes what else, however she didn´t know that when he was younger he was partying, drinking and breaking marriage as a hobby. She didn`t change her yes even when she saw him getting whipping from the secretary who was from the bottom to the top in black latex.

I hope no man will read the book and get an idea that they have to be a complete asshole in order to that catch and keep a girl.

Girls learn from my mistake don´t waste your time on meaningless books, if you have a chance to read Austen!

This Man

If he is the best man, I`ll be lesbian…

CaptureInventory, what do we have in the bag; Ava, a brown-hair/skin interior designer 26-year-old chick, and a slightly older hot blonde Jesse who is a teeny-tiny control freak.

Already around the page 10, the two heros are totally into each other and basically that`s it… nothing more is happening though the next 200 pages, just meeting and loving each other everywhere, seriously everywhere. Indeed, in the meantime there are some conflicts because Jesse wants Ava to do what he says (not in that way, but just daily life stuff, exceptionally..) and of course the women doesn`t do a single thing what Blonde is telling her (well, nothing surprising so far). But the guy is  areal control freak and figures about to make Ava run 17 km at the morning to stop her going to party at the evening… Message to Ava: leave this 100% rich (as usual); 100% hot; 100% dom; 30% nice and 10% reasonable and find a better ratio like; 60% rich (to have a job already accepted); 60% hot (so no need to be jealous); 10% dom (real woman needs a pussy); 100 % nice (thinking about pension year and to kill eachother) and 80% reasonable (someone has to have sense at home).

The stupidest part was when Jesse caught Ava`s bottom (literally!) at the beginning of their insane relationship, but never ever again until end of the book… Boys message for all of you; you see anal is not that good as you think otherwise he would have done it agian and again.

Overall, Jodi made a much better job on “The protector” (no joke!) than on this trilogy, not only because it is too long with a lot of repetative description, but the story is just tepid. Nevertheless, she made a good business making 3 books instead of 1 (=3x more profit). On the last 5 pages, she managed to raise the interest about Jesse secret; he is the owner of Manor, which is basically a swing club/hotel, enough that you want to read the next book.

Hard to focus on literature quality if you can fuck your time with these kind of books…     I hope, as I get older I will have more gusto to Thomas Mann….. HAHAHAH

If only I live that long…

The Protector

Love story of an ex-soldier and a Hello Kitty

CaptureFine, I confess; I loved this book!! I am also a human liked to be entertained, happy?? I don`t feel shame to like a “nowadayspopularwomanbook” about a (again) hot guy and a rich pretty girl. Normally, I would feel I was wasting my time with this kind of books and not having time for Hugo`s “Les Miserables” (low-interest is probably due to the lack of erotic scene).

Let`s see, what we have here. In the right corner; Jake is a former SAS (what ever this means) sharpshooter, one of the best in his profession. Well, if a man know anything (ANYTHING) very good, it is already sexier that a 6 pack (no wonder more man are running around with 6pack than some special skills…). In  the left corner; Camille, a rich blond girl, designer – wanna-be, but currently just being a model. Not a P&P, but similarities that they didn`t like each other at the beginning, when Camille`s father hired a 170% hot, muscular, handsome, strong, tough, fast, skilled, grumpy, killer with a huge (!) potential to protect his daughter from some criminals.

318 pages story short; Camille doesn`t want to have a bodyguard, but she has no other choice, since she crushes in him after 1,5 days and marry him within 3 days (which is impossible! I also have a boyfriend…either this guy is a romantic alien or an X-man with an “Iwannabemarried” mutant gen… than it should be a science fiction rather).

The book was published in 2016, which means  Jodi was smart enough and took the opportunity to collect the best parts of previous best sellers (50 shades, P&P) and movies (Bodyguard, Gossip girl) and put them in one book. The book structure, that once we are in the head of the heroine than switch and we are in the head of the hero is very amusing. Twilight and 50shades had attempt to make their story from a man perspective as well, but so far this was not so successful. However, for a woman reader being in a man`s head is the most interesting thing. Woman always wanna know what man are thinking (however, 99% of the time theay are REALLY not thinking about anything!!… hard to belive I know..).

I would wanna read a romantic story by a man writing in both ways hero and heroin perspective. One difference will be for sure, less number of pages.


The Master and Margarita

Jesus, Devil, God, Love. Old story, new version

CaptureBulgakov classic novel is characterized as grotesk, realist and romantic. Well, here is a russian romance; three man are sitting on a bench in a park in Moscow. They are talking about whether Jesus existed or not and one of them is the Devil.

Woland professor, the devil, predicts one of them Berlioz , chief editor`s death

This is a 3 in 1 story, what I more like in coffee than in a book, because it gets dense. This is just my usual complaint.. I was complaining that Malpas was writing 3 books instead of one just to make more money, and now I am complaining that Bulgakov was writing 3 stories in 1 book… What can I say, I am a woman, nothing is good..


Conclusion, religious or not, if you want to understand classical literature you need to read the bible first, otherwise you will get nothing from these stories. Action take: read the Bible ASAP!





Law Man

Cute detective, shy neighbor girl and some matrace issue

CaptureFour ​years, Mara likes Mitch, the hot neighbour detective guy who also likes her  four years, but nobody says anything to the other until Mara`s pipe is broken and Mitch fixed it, what a story…

Ok, so this should have been a point to read some review about a book, what I actually randomly found on the internet as free download. I anyways didn`t expect life changing messages like; The alchemist or Tragedy of Man or Fifty Shades(just kidding..). But when I was searching for a cover picture I saw that this book belongs to some “Dream Man Novel” series.. that was the bottom.

Nevertheless, I read the entire book ( I am not a quitter), plus even bad story is a story, so I gave it a shoot.

At the end it was not that bad as I am criticizing it above. In a nutshell, Mara has a total lack of self-confidence due to her terrorizing mother (I can imagine that). She is working at a matrace company as a clerk, so nothing special besides her very very long legs. So one day the famous pipe is broken in her flat what a sexy detective fixes, of course (at this point of time shirt is still on..). Mara suddenly gets to be a prop of her nice and nephew whose father is a criminal. Mara`s criminal cousin was doing some suspicious business and hiding money/drugs in the matraces at her work, what she didn´t know. The detective comes saves everyone and solves the issue and being hot, happy end.

Conclusion; life is short don`t wast your time on Sirup novels until you didn´t read books like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Fateless, Origin of Species etc..

Author:Kirsten Ashly

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The chemist

A sadist seemed girl, a bad-like guy and the third one

CaptureI promised to myself that I will not waste my time on Sirup novels, but I have to admit this was also an amusing story with some downturn in the story.

This time her name was Alex, a chemist doctor employed by the U.S government for torturing suspects. One day, her boss was killed and she had to start running for her life. She was quite good protecting her self with some injection in her belt and dangerous gas in her earrings. She gets a deal from the government if she acquire some info from a tall, curly hair guy, she wont`t be hunted anymore.

She kidnaps the curly hair guy and starts interrogate, injecting some compound in his arm and leg muscles. Daniel, the curly, screams very bad due to the pain, but she doesn`t stop, she is professional. Few minutes later, she figures out that this a wrong guy and she needs his twin brother ( twin brother… HAHAHAHA). Anyways, miracle but  nobody kills Wachter but they make an alliance to kill the real bad guys. They go to Kevin`s  (twin brother and a former CIA agent=lot of muscles) “home” middle of nowhere with 50 huge dogs and the real hunting starts.

Daniel – English teacher, anti-spy, clumsy clown – for what ever reason fall in love with Alex a short, chemsit nerd, who was torturing him very bad, what his brother Kevin doesn`t like at all.

Doesn`t the story remindes you something? Two good looking man, one misarable girl and a lot of huge dogs! Got it??? No, it is not a Twilight, just the author is the same..


Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

You thing S.K`s “It” is scary..? Check this out

CaptureOnce upon a time, in 1886 there was a gothic novel was published by a man who looked as scary as his novel. I have heard a lot about this book, as a metaphor for some situation, but I never knew the real story.

Dr. Jekyll is a popular, nice looking, tall, respected doctor who started experimenting on the edge of good and evil. Utterson, his lawyer friend, started worrying about him, since the doctor made Hyde, a short ugly, frightening gnome, as the sole beneficiary in his will. Utterson suspected that Hyde is bad and didn`t understand why the doctor tried to protect him, however nobody seen them together ever. Jekyll admitted that Hyde is bad and promised to close the contact with him. However, one day Utterson suspected that Hyde wanted to kill Jekyll in his house.

Hyde was caught in Jekyll`s room dead, but nowhere was found Jekyll`s body. From the suicide note, they figured out that Hyde is actually a suppressed dark side and all the bad part of Jekyll. Hyde is a materialized bad part of the doctor who got released and couldn´t be stopped nor controlled anymore. Jekyll liked Hyde because he didn`t have border, feelings, respect, concern in one word he was free. Jekyll liked this way of life very much but lost a control on the transformation. At the end Hyde or that moment Jekyll commited suicide.

Recently I read an article about Jim Carry`s deceased ex-girlfirned, saying in her suicide note that Carry bahved like Jeklly to the public but in reality he was Hyde. I don`t know what is the truth but for sure there is “a Hyde” in everyone and it is up to the person to keep it under control.

Harry Potter and the cursed child

UnbenanntIf you didn`t have enough, here are more Troubles

19 years later, Harry has 3 Kids, Hermione is a Minister of Magic and Draco behaves as a human…

Albus, a younger son of Harry has some teenage issues with his father and decides to change the past with his best friend Scorpius, who happens to be a son of Draco.

They are going back and fort in time without having any idea what are they doing and if they can find the way back to their real-time. In the meantime, we get a picture how things would have been different if even a  small thing would have had change in the past. This butterfly effect is not new thing, but I think people are always curious about what would have happened story.

Nevertheless, I was happy that the writer was giving a chance to Sirius to see that his death worth, at least a bit of compensation for killing him in the book.

Who is a cursed child? Cedric who got killed without a reason? Scorpius, who had to bear the gossip that he is Voldemort`s  son? Albus, who couldn`t handle his father`s fame? Harry, whose whole life is a fight or Delphi who is actually the daughter of Bloody Voldi-Moldi.

Well, I think everyone has a curse,  some has bigger and some has smaller. No one can fight our own fight instead of us.

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The secret

“Do you wannak now a secret? There is no secret!

UnbenanntThis book, which is not even a real book is about a big secret you ned to know in the life.

Doesn`t tell you anything just a ” law of attraction” .If you think positive, positive things will happen to you. Basically, thoughts can change the world.

Three steps to achive what you want: ask, belive and receive. So. if you want something very much, you will get it because you send some brain signal to the universe and the univers rewards.

I don´t say that it is a complete bullshit. I also belive to think positive, but it doesn´t worth a penny if you don´t put your ass to make some effort to achieve what you want.

Generally, forget about negative, depressed thought, see the bright side of life and work hard! You will get what you want!




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Charlie and the chocolate factory

Do you know who are the Oompa-Loompas?

UnbenanntCharlie lives in a poverty with his parents and four grandparents in one room. Not as fun as dormitory years..

Willy Wonka, the owner of a huge chocolate factory make a game and hiding 5 golden tickets for a factory tour in some chocolates. Charlie gets a chocolate for his birthday which had a golden ticket. Each golden ticket holding kid become a celebrity.  Augustus, the spoiled, Veruca a hot-tempered, Violet the gum-addicted and the TV-obsessed Mike.

In the factory, a totally new world opens up for the kids with Chocolate River in the Chocolate Room and giant blueberries, where Oompa-Loompas (like dwarfs) are working. At the end all kids get kidded out from the factory for different reason, but basically none of them respected the rules, besides Charlie. His character is very interesting, because he is only 11-year old, but behaving like an adult. He appreciates the chance he got and being humbled despite of his hard life, while other kids are infinitely spoiled and irreverent. Charlie`s main award that he become the successor of the factory.

Tim Burton made a movie based on the book with the Jonny Deep in the role of Wonka. Well, also Michael Jackson would have been good for this pedofil style role. Just kidding, in the book Wonka didn´t seemed to e pedofil, just total strange. If it matters, J.K Rowlings is a fan of the book, so critics can do a favour…

Conclusion could be:  if you are humble and respectful you will win your reward and it used to work, really.




UnbenanntThe book was published in 1817, six months after Jane`s death. Exactly, 200 years (!) passed but story is still up-to-date.

Family of Anne, a 27-year old single woman (not cursed but almost), has some financial issues therefore they give their home for rent to an admiral and his wife. Belive it or not, but the wife´s brother is exactly that Captain Wentworth who was engaged to Anna many many years ago.