The secret

“Do you wannak now a secret? There is no secret!

UnbenanntThis book, which is not even a real book is about a big secret you ned to know in the life.

Doesn`t tell you anything just a ” law of attraction” .If you think positive, positive things will happen to you. Basically, thoughts can change the world.

Three steps to achive what you want: ask, belive and receive. So. if you want something very much, you will get it because you send some brain signal to the universe and the univers rewards.

I don´t say that it is a complete bullshit. I also belive to think positive, but it doesn´t worth a penny if you don´t put your ass to make some effort to achieve what you want.

Generally, forget about negative, depressed thought, see the bright side of life and work hard! You will get what you want!




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